About Us

Born in Chicago

In 2015, we sought out to make life easier for people – delicious, nutritious meals delivered to your door with no shopping, no chopping, and no dishes involved. From there, Eat Purely was born.

With high food and business standards from the beginning, we sourced ingredients from local farms. Our talented chefs began to bring delicious recipes to life every week. Now our meal delivery service provides the entire Chicagoland area with food that’s not only super convenient but tastes great too.

woman with Eat Purely packaging in her kitchenEat Purely chicken dish

Our Values

We are committed to our food, our community, and our people.

Our Food: Quality and flavor.

Created with fresh, intentionally-sourced, real ingredients, our meals never contain any hormones or artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. We source many of our ingredients seasonally and work to find options that are both nutritious and delicious to put into the dishes that we hope you’ll love.

Our Community: Chicago and the planet.

Here at Eat Purely, we strive to give back to our community as much as possible. Whether it be Chicago Public Schools, the Greater Chicago Food Depository, or our local healthcare system, we continually engage with our community leaders to determine how we can help those in need access our meals.

We respect where our food comes from and are committed to sustainable practices, continually working to minimize our carbon footprint, taking steps like composting, reducing waste, and sourcing locally. As a food company, we have a responsibility to take care of our primary food source. Every decision we make is intentional and purposeful.

Our People: You and us.

We want to give you time back to do the things you love, so we created a meal delivery service you can rely on. We want you to feel the best you can, so we’ve filled them with nutritious, quality ingredients. We want everyone to benefit from Eat Purely, so we’ve accommodated all kinds of dietary needs.

As we care about you, we care about our employees. Our staff is our family. Please know that 100% of your tips go to our drivers.

Our Mission

We exist to help people eat well because we believe that when people eat well, they are better equipped to live well.

Our Team

Photo of Kurt Keko - General Manager
Kurt Keko
General Manager

Our Commitment to Our Planet:

The decisions we make are intentional and purposeful. While we are doing our part to protect our planet, we know the job is never over. That’s why we are continually evaluating and adopting new business practices that enable greater sustainability:

We thoughtfully source our ingredients to ensure everything we use in our cooking is free of hormones, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives.
You’ll notice seasonal ingredients featured in our menu items, allowing us to harness nature’s current and freshest outputs while providing the nutritional support our bodies need. Our packaging is recyclable.
We use an air-tight seal on our meals to not only keep contaminants out but to maintain the quality of our food and lock in its freshness, leaving it fresh for up to four days.
Our goal of zero food waste is supported by our trained staff, meticulous inventory systems, and proactive menu planning. Any unsold meals are always donated to community members in need.