About Eat Purely

What is Eat Purely?


Eat Purely is a convenient, nutritious meal delivery service that has been helping people eat well since 2016. Based in the heart of Chicago, we create meals from scratch using intentionally sourced ingredients. Whether looking for a nutrient-dense meal or a comforting pasta dish, you can choose from a variety of delicious options that are ready to heat and eat.

We make it easy to eat well by creating dishes the whole family will love – entrees, sides, and desserts, all with excellent customer experience. And, we have options for everyone, no matter your dietary needs.

We make meal planning simple. Order ahead, and you’re set for the week. Our meals are sealed with tamper-evident packaging to seal freshness in and keep contaminants out, keeping them fresh for up to four days. Meals are pre-made and arrive chilled, so all you have to do is heat, eat, and enjoy.

What makes Eat Purely different?


Eat Purely makes it easy to eat well by providing great-tasting food that’s not just nutritious, but actually tastes good, too. We craft and deliver the meals you crave so you can feel good and live your best life. All Eat Purely meals are free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and or hormones and use intentionally-sourced ingredients (seasonally and locally when possible).

We cook meals from scratch daily. As a company local to Chicago since 2016, we make sure every customer receives the attention they deserve. In addition, giving back is in our DNA. Since our inception, we’ve donated meals to people in need. Eat Purely donates meals to the Chicago Public Schools system to assist low-income students and families.

We are continually engaging with community leaders to learn how we can provide access to healthy meals to others in need.As an environmentally-conscious company, we continually evolve our business practices to adapt to new, sustainable methods.

About Our Food

How is your food made? 


Our meals are made fresh using intentionally-sourced ingredients and sealed with tamper-evident packaging to seal freshness in and keep contaminants out. Meals are pre-made and arrive chilled, so all you have to do is heat, eat, and enjoy. Also, we follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as well as Cook County and City of Chicago food safety standards.

Do your meals arrive warm?


Our meals are pre-made and arrive chilled to lock in flavor so all you have to do is heat, eat and enjoy

How long do meals last?


Meals last up to four days in a refrigerator. Our tamper-evident packaging helps to keep everything fresh and delicious. Meals containing fish should be eaten within one day for maximum freshness. We typically don’t recommend freezing meals unless otherwise stated.

Is your packaging really heat safe?



While the tiny plastic sauce and side containers are not oven or microwave safe, the black tray is oven and microwave friendly. Please make sure to follow our heating instructions to keep the trays in good condition and our meals tasting great!

If you place our tray in the oven, please do so in the center of the center rack. Placing it anywhere else may cause it to warp. Meals last up to four days in a refrigerator. Our tamper-evident packaging helps to keep everything fresh and delicious. Meals containing fish should be eaten within one day for maximum freshness. We typically don’t recommend freezing meals unless otherwise stated.

How do you ensure food safety and standards?


We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as well as Cook county and City of Chicago food safety standards.

Delivery Fees

Are there delivery fees?


Delivery is FREE for all orders over $39.99. A $3.99 delivery applies to orders below that.

What are your order deadlines and delivery windows?


We accept preorders up to 7 days in advance for all delivery windows. If you want same-day delivery for lunch or dinner, place your order by the following times:
Lunch: 11am (delivery window between 11am-1pm)
Dinner: 2pm (delivery window between 4pm-8pm)

Are there order minimums?


Our minimums are simple: as long as you have at least one entree, you are all set to go. If you are not interested in our entrees but would still like to order one of our sides, desserts, or Market items, check below to make sure you hit the minimum!

One entree; OR
3 desserts / sides; OR
$20 worth of Market items

How To Order

What do I need to make an account?


All you need is an email address and a valid cell phone number that can receive text message verification codes. You can create an account online, or by downloading our app in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. We accept major credit and debit cards. We do not currently accept prepaid cards or cash.

How can I cancel and is there a penalty?


Cancellations are easy and there is no penalty. Please contact customer support via chat, email, or phone call. Refunds typically take 24-48 business hours. We are not able to make refunds process any faster.

Can I change my order?


We are limited in what changes we can make to an order once it has been placed. We can update your delivery time as long as it falls within the same service. If you need to add or remove an item, change the address, or change the day of delivery - you will need to cancel and reorder. Please contact customer support to see what options we have for you!

I have dietary restrictions, can you make modifications for me?


We cannot make modifications to our meals. Please look for the easy identifiers with each meal to see if we have something that fits your lifestyle. We provide identifiers for gluten free (GF), vegan (V), vegetarian (VEG), nut free (NF), and dairy free (DF). We also list the nutrition and ingredients on the description page of every meal. If you have a concern, please reach out to customer support, we’d love to chat with you.

I don’t like inputting my card information into apps or websites. Can I call you to place an order?


While we would love to do this for you, we cannot accept orders over the phone or email. Our agents do not have the ability to charge cards, make changes to the cards on your account, or to add or remove payment methods. We use a third-party processor to keep your information safe.

What are your delivery hours?


Monday through Friday, we deliver lunch pre-orders from 11am to 2pm and dinner from 4pm to 9pm. On Sunday, we deliver dinner pre-orders from 4-9pm.

Where do you deliver to?


We generally serve the greater Chicagoland area, including the northern and western Suburbs.

What is curbside delivery?


Our drivers work very hard to zoom between deliveries. For some parts of Chicago, parking is a nightmare. In order to keep our drivers fast and deliveries smooth, we ask that addresses marked with ‘curbside delivery’ meet their driver at the curb for pick up. This will prevent your order from being delayed due to parking issues, as well as keep our drivers safe! Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to curbside pick up.

Your drivers are awesome! How can I tip?


We are so happy you think so. Our service defaults to a $3 tip. You can see this amount in the cost breakdown section of the check out screen. If you’d like to adjust that amount, please click on the gratuity amount before placing the order. A screen will come up so you can adjust this. Our drivers will also accept cash tips. We cannot modify the tip after the order has been placed.

I hear you have a referral program! How can I take advantage of that?


We would love it if you told your friends about us. Who doesn’t love sharing good food? Every account comes with a referral code. When your friends sign up, have them enter your referral code before ordering. When they do, they will receive a free meal coupon. Once they place their first order, you will receive one too! Please note that referral credit does expire in 30 days, so please use it up! We do ask that you do not create multiple accounts to redeem the coupon yourself. We will ban any accounts, and addresses found doing this. That would be a bummer for you and for us.

How can I get my first meal free?


If you have not been referred by another user, please check your email after signing up with us. We will email you a little gift of appreciation.

What other sort of discounts do you offer?


We love our customers and try to run promotions as often as possible. Remember to stay subscribed to our marketing emails and social media to find out about these fun opportunities. We do offer discounts when you place a multi-day order and for corporate accounts! If you think your business could benefit from partnering with Eat Purely to provide healthy lunches to employees, reach out to us. We’d love to set something up.

I have some feedback that I would like to share.


You can submit feedback through our review functions or by contacting customer support directly.

Still have questions? Email us at Support@EatPurely.com