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Eat Purely is happy to announce our collaboration with several Chicago-area fitness gurus who are loving our menu! Fitness is more than exercise — it’s the food we eat, too. At Eat Purely, we care a lot about the quality of the food we make and eat. It’s no surprise that all of our meals are made with the highest quality, local ingredients that are free of hormones, or artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives. When you couple quality fitness and exercise with quality food, you’re bound to lead a healthy (and delicious) lifestyle.

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Emily Goor

Certified Sculpt Instructor and Yogi, Emily Goor walks us through her fitness routine, motivation strategies and the fuel she reaches for along the way. Scroll on to see what she has to say to get inspired to take your own regime to the next level.

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Liz Cuttica

Looking to jumpstart your own health journey? Let Liz Cuttica, certified corrective exercise specialist and owner of MillyGreyMovement, inspire you with her daily exercise routine and what she grabs to keep her high energy throughout the day. Keep reading below for an exclusive look at her favorite Eat Purely dishes as well as how she incorporates them into her day.

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