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Welcome to the Pantry! Check out a selection of our favorite local Chicago goods. Each item has been hand-picked by our team to ensure its quality, taste, and values align with Eat Purely’s mission. Locally made baked goods, snacks, sauces, sweets & so much more!

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Our Vendors

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Madeline McCarthy

Victory dance foods
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Matthew Lancor

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Glen Kohn

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Jesus Conlasita

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Jackie Gennett

Bushel & Peck

Mike Bancroft

CO-OP Sauce

Making Local Top Shelf

We created the Pantry to help local small businesses get their unique products delivered to your home.

Most of the time it is difficult and costly for small businesses to get their products in a grocery store or for customers to find their hidden gems.

Remember to check out the Pantry each week to see what’s new and to add something fun to your next order.

The Chef of The Hour

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Our meal delivery service offers chef-crafted dishes that are ready in minutes and inspired by global flavors and seasonal ingredients. The weekly menu provides a delicious variety of meals that cater to all types of eaters.
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