The Benefits of a Food Delivery Service

November 6, 2020

We all know what a long day feels like, waking up and making it to work with a thermos of coffee in hand, dropping the kids off at school, and putting in your hours. When you get home to spend time with your family, the last thing you want to do is spend time preparing a meal. But eating a healthy meal is an important thing, one that can not only foster health, but community if you choose to share it with family or friends.

Food delivery services can help bridge the gap between the need for a healthy meal and not having enough hours in the day to get one on the table each and every night. In fact, there are many reasons that you might choose to partake in a meal delivery service like ours here at Eat Purely.

1. It’s fast and convenient

At Eat Purely, we offer the option to order up to a week in advance. This allows you to place orders days ahead of when you’ll need them, taking all the guesswork out of your week’s meals. You can schedule your meals to arrive at your convenience, making them easy to pick up and bring inside right as you get home from work.

You can even order a number of meals at once - even when you know you won’t eat them all in one sitting (though you might be tempted to). Meal delivery allows you to stock up your fridge, making it easy to grab and go not just for dinner, but for lunch and even breakfast.

2. Meal delivery services allow for mixing and matching

As any parent can attest, feeding a picky eater can be a stressful process. And finding options that the whole family will like can be even more difficult. But with a meal delivery service like Eat Purely, there will be something for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you choose to order a family-style meal or individual meals, we offer something for everyone, from the vegan to the vegetarian to the gluten-free to the kid at heart.

3. Our meal delivery service makes it easy to eat your veggies

Eating a complete, healthy diet is even harder than just cooking a full meal for yourself each and every day, multiple times throughout the day. It’s far too easy to resort to junk food and fast food options. Opening a bag of chips for dinner can seem very tempting, especially after a particularly long day of work.

But chips for dinner, while tasty, is far from your best option. When you order from a food delivery service like Eat Purely, you get high-quality taste and filling meal options, but you can also sneak some vegetables into your diet. If you’re looking to boost your veggie intake even further, you can order one of the many delicious side dishes we offer as well.

4. Meal delivery services can help you cut down on your food waste

Have you ever ambitiously bought a large bag of spring mix, only for it to wilt and turn slimy at the bottom of your vegetable crisper? Well, you’re not alone. It’s far too easy to buy a bunch of vegetables and perishable goods on a shopping trip when you are full of energy and plans for the upcoming week. It’s much more difficult to eat through all those vegetables when all you want to do is spend time with your family and friends or even just relax on your own.

But when you get meal delivery from Eat Purely and plan out at least a few dinners a night, you can reduce the overall amount of food that you buy at the store. Not only is this cost effective, but you’ll actually be eating the food that you purchase instead of letting it become inedible, hidden in the depths of your fridge. Your wallet will thank you - but so too will the environment.