EP + Chicago Local Artists: A Conversation with Dail Kirkpatrick and Giveaway Details

September 13, 2021

You may have noticed a growing focus on local partners, goods, and ingredients at Eat Purely lately. That’s because as a local business ourselves, we believe shopping and supporting local is critical. When you purchase a local good from our pantry, a local artist, or a mom & pop shop down the street - you help to create jobs, build the community, and preserve our environment. That’s why we’ve partnered with three Chicago-based artists to spread the word about the importance of shopping local.

Learn more about Dail Fitzpatrick, our first artist, and the stickers she designed for Eat Purely. 👇

An Interview with the Artist...

Dail Fitzpatrick, a resident of Logan Square, works with a variety of mediums to create her abstract art. She focuses on the use of color - as it can express emotion and allows one aspect of her work to influence another. Dail hopes to spark vibrance, playfulness, youthfulness, and curiosity in her work. Find her at @dailkirkpatrickart on Instagram. We sat down with Dail and asked her a few questions about why supporting local is important to her.

Q: Hey Dail! Why would you say supporting local is important to you?

A: Supporting local businesses is important to me because they are owned and operated by my neighbors.  They care about and are invested in the well-being of the community and its future.  They are more accountable to their community and often donate more money to nonprofits/special programming/events in their community.  Not to mention the smaller carbon footprint!

What do you value about Chicago?

Chicago is a multicultural city that offers so much diversity.  It has great architecture, landmarks, and food!  There is still work to be done in the city in terms of racial equality, but I've seen a lot of great people making moves to make that happen!

What and why do you create?

I am an abstract artist and tend to work in a variety of mediums.  My work explores how color impacts and interacts with emotion.  Using organic and familiar shapes paired with lines, colors, and textures, I mostly work intuitively letting one mark, shape, or color influence the next.  I also work with repetition and multiples to find the subtle variations that can happen within them.  I hope to create an emotional connection with you, the viewer, that sparks your youthfulness, vibrance, playfulness, and curiosity.

If you have a favorite local business in your neighborhood we would love to know what it is!

I have so many favorite places in my neighborhood!  The first two that come to mind though are Handlebar and Atmos Coffee.


Did you receive a sticker in your bag?

Congratulations! You have the chance to win a bundle of items from our new Pantry, all sourced locally from Chicago businesses of course. Curious about the art on your sticker? Read on for giveaway details. 👇

🎁 How to Enter Our Giveaway

You are eligible for our Pantry Giveaway if you have received one of the above stickers in a recent delivery.

  1. Take a picture of the sticker you received (get creative and put it on your water bottle, laptop, notebook, etc).
  2. Follow us on Instagram at @eatpurely.
  3. Use the hashtag #EPloveslocal in a post or story.
  4. Tag a friend who appreciates local and the artist (so she can share!), @dailkirkpatrickart in your post or story!

Winner will be announced by the end of September!

Stay tuned for more local artist collabs in the coming months!