Our Best Tips for Eating on the Go

April 16, 2021

Our Best Tips for Eating on the Go

Living a busy life is certainly not uncommon these days - not even during a pandemic! Whether you’re working from home or commuting, getting the kids from school or catching a bus home, there are a great many things that take up time in our days. And because of this, it can be all too easy to forget about the essentials - like the importance of a nutritious, delicious meal. In fact, some of us might find, at least from time to time, that meal times get overlooked entirely.

But making sure you take time to nourish your body is hugely important and is something that will benefit you throughout your day.

Plan Ahead

Having to prepare dinner or even lunch at the last minute makes it far less likely that you’ll be successful in maintaining a regular eating schedule. But when you plan ahead, you’ll find success in meeting your nutritional needs with ease. Of course, sticking to a fresh meal plan can be difficult without much time (or motivation) to cook. Sticking to a fresh meal plan does not require an immense time commitment. Instead, you can incorporate ready made meals, like those from Eat Purely, our prepared meal delivery service.

Eat Purely’s food is perfect for your fresh meal plan, as it is never frozen, made from the freshest possible ingredients, and stays good for up to four days when refrigerated.

Chill Out

Prepare for a day on the move with items that don’t need to be heated. Many of our ready made meals from our prepared meal delivery service are so easy to “grab and go” that they don’t even require a microwave. Starting the day off strong, for instance, is easy with our raspberry overnight oats.

Our chilled meals are perfect for taking some time out in nature too. Whether you go on a hike or just to your local park, getting outside and in the sunshine is great for mind and body alike. Options like our Broccoli Crunch Salad, Chipotle Turkey Sandwich, and Veggie Soba Noodles make it easy to enjoy a nutritious lunch while soaking up some Vitamin D.

Stay Fueled

Ordering fully prepared meals ahead of time from our meal delivery service helps you incorporate a powerful nutritional punch to your fresh meal plan. From daily salad delivery to ready made meals incorporating steak and chicken and even salmon, Eat Purely food offers something for everyone.

Check out nutritional information for each menu item to perfectly balance your diet - without the stress of the grocery store or home preparation. Our marketplace items, ranging from power bars to jerky, offer the option for filling snacks to keep you going between daily fresh meals. 

Get Creative

Take Eat Purely food with you wherever you go! Perfect for outdoors and indoors alike, you’ll find our prepared meal delivery service the perfect travel companion as well. From car rides to airport lobbies, our ready made meals can be enjoyed just about anywhere that you have the time to enjoy them.