Tips for a Balanced Diet that Work for Your Life

March 31, 2021

Tips for a Balanced Diet - and Why that Doesn’t Mean Restriction

From juice cleanses to detox teas, a multitude of health trends promote restrictive eating, often the cutting of food groups from one’s daily consumption. However, there are very few health conditions (like Celiac Disease) that actually require cutting out an entire food group. For the majority of a healthy population, overly restrictive diets will not lead to success and can actually have unintended side effects. At Eat Purely, we believe eating a balanced diet across all food groups is the best way to construct a healthy diet. Fortunately, our healthy prepared meal delivery service makes eating a balanced diet a simple and delicious occasion.  With Eat Purely, eating our healthy premade meals can be one of many ways to stay on top of your diet.

What Does Balanced Mean?

A balanced diet is a diet that contains different kinds of foods that will allow you to reach your recommended dietary intake (RDI) for the day. For many, this diet should consist of about 60% carbohydrates, 20% fats, and 20% protein. Don’t forget, fruits and vegetables are carbs! Many of the meals at Eat Purely fall very close to this ratio, such as our Teriyaki chicken rice bowl, making it easy to balance your day with premade meals and food delivery.

What are the Benefits of a Balanced Diet?

The benefits are limitless when it comes to eating a balanced diet. Not only does a well-balanced diet ensure that your body is absorbing important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep the body and mind healthy and supported, but getting in the proper nutrients can also help keep your body strong and full of energy. It will help maintain a healthy body weight for one’s frame, allow better sleep, and improve brain function. 

How to Eat in a Balanced Way

So you might be thinking, “How do I stick to a ‘diet’ that's genuinely healthy, without having to restrict what, when, and how much I eat?” It comes down to building a healthier relationship with food that will serve you in the long term. You might find that you have success eating a balanced diet when you have premade meals or a healthy prepared meal delivery service ready to utilize since it takes the guesswork out of what you are eating that day. The meals are fully prepared for you and the only prep work needed is to sit down, pick up a fork, and enjoy! Prepared meals can be ideal for you if you find yourself putting food last or even perhaps forgetting to eat entirely. And prepared meals can offer a welcome substitute for cooking, giving you back time in your already busy day.

And even though prepared meals can help you stay on track, don’t deny your cravings. Your body has evolved to crave things when your body is needing certain nutrients. Sounds scary? No worries. Once you change your mindset into one that allows yourself to eat what you want when you want it, you are much less likely to over-consume as your body does not feel restricted. This is a psychological principle called habituation where the novelty of a food wears off when exposed. Listening to your body is key.