Eat Purely x EmGoor

May 25, 2021

Eat Purely is proud to announce our partnership with Chicago-based fitness guru EmGoor! Emily Goor, who likes to go by "Em", is a group fitness instructor and teacher who is absolutely loving Eat Purely! At Eat Purely, we care a lot about the quality of the food we make and eat. Our goal is to enhance your everyday lifestyle, not change it, and gurus like Emily are here to help you couple quality fitness and exercise with quality food so you can lead a healthy (and delicious) lifestyle! Learn more about Em in her own words below, be sure to follow @EmGoor on Instagram, and check out Emily's Favorite Eat Purely Meals!

Hi, I’m Emily, but you can call me Em! I teach beat-based, feel great, “I can’t help but smile” group workouts. My goal is to leave you feeling sweaty, empowered, energized (instead of exhausted), and confident that you can do hard things both on and off your mat.  

When the workout is over, I want that feel great energy to emanate throughout the rest of my day which is why I try to eat a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet. But, sometimes eating healthily is a challenge for me! This is why I LOVE Eat Purely! Eat Purely saves me time and money, fuels me after a long day of working and teaching, and actually leaves me full and delightfully satisfied.

Ain’t nobody got time

After a long day of my 9-5 job then teaching classes and filming content, the LAST thing I want to do (or even have time to do) is cook. But at the same time I want to feel like I’m eating fresh, home-cooked meals.  When I order Eat Purely in advance, I can have dinner within minutes of finishing my last class in the evening, rather than eating dinner at 9:00. I also got my Sundays back! I used to spend ALL day Sunday meal-prepping, only to get sick of eating the same thing every single day. BYE meal prep, HELLO Sundays.

Save That Money

Ok, why is sushi takeout SO expensive?! When quarantine hit, I fell into a bad habit of too much takeout and it seriously hurt my wallet. The fact that you can get a whole salmon dinner that would be $30 at a restaurant for under $15 on Eat Purely puts a smile on my face… and my wallet’s pretty happy about it too!

Food is fuel

I’ve never been much of a “diet” girl. I just like to eat well-rounded, fresh, nutritious goods that make me feel good- or should I say “great”?! I believe food is fuel and I try to eat a balanced diet across all food groups rather than cutting out specific foods. Eat Purely’s healthy, premade meals makes this a breeze. Plus, I feel full and satisfied after rather than that still hungry, I need a snack feeling that you get when you restrict your eating.


This one is simple. Eat Purely food is delicious. Period. I always tell my clients that working out should be fun, rather than feel like a chore that you dread. I believe the same goes for eating. Eating healthy, nutritious foods shouldn’t be stressful. Eating Eat Purely’s prepared meals can take the stress out of mealtime. After all, eating should be fun!